ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003

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Mineral Mining

Schwabenland E.Ye., Sokolovsky A.V., Pichler M.
Selection of parameters of a layer-batch technology in mining of complex-structured field deposits with cold milling combined machines
Karimova Ly.M., Kairalapov Ye.T., Bukharitsin V.O.
Differential thermal analysis of the pelleted rough copper sulphide concentrate of off-balance ore

Processing and Recycling Technology of Technogenic Formations and Wastes

Medyanik N.L., Tussupbayev N.Ku., Varlamova I.A., Girevaya Kh.Ya., Kalugina N.L.
Removing of heavy metals from solutions by the ion flotation method
Solozhenkin P.M., Kubak D.A., Petukhov V.N.
Computer-aided simulation of sulphydric compounds with hydroxyl radicals with forecast on their application as flotation reagents

Metallurgy of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals

Ganin D.R., Druzhkov V.G., Panychev A.A., Shapovalov A.N.
Use of local mineral resources at the sintering plant of the "Ural steel" joint stock company

Metal forming

Kosmatsky Ya.I.
Main directions of research in the field of the pipe-extrusion system theory, technology and equipment improvment
Konstantinov I.L., Gubanov I.Yu., Klemenkova D.V., Astrashabov I.O., Sidelnikov S.B., Gorokhov Yu.V.
Computer-simulated upgrading procedures of the hot aluminum-alloy forging process technology
Biryukov M.A., Pesin A.M., Chukin M.V., Kartunov А.D., Bakshinov V.A., Biryukov A.V.
Development of an import-substituting technology of dowel-nails production the basis of numerical modelling with the finite-element method
Kushnarev A.V., Kirichkov A.A., Bogatov A.A., Puzyrev S.S.
Railway wheel manufacturing process improvement

Materials Processing Technology

Atroshenko S.A.
Behaviors of bulk metallic glass under shock loading

Materials Science and heat treatment of metals

Brunelli K., Bruschi S., Ghiotti A., Lencina R., Dabalà M.
Hot shortness cracks formation in a low alloy steel: investigation on the critical conditions
Gromov V.E., Nikitina E.N., Ivanov Yu.F., Aksenova K.V., Semina O.A.
Bainite steel: structure and work hardening

Standardization, sertification, and quality management

Golubchik E.M., Kuznetsova A.S., Rubin G.Sh., Gun G.S., Dyja H.
Application of models and principles of quality indicator technological adaptation in metalware production processes

Heat Power Engineering of the Metallurgical Industry

Lobanov I.E.
Mathematical modeling of the intensified heat transfer at a turbulent flow in longitudinal-flow tube bundles with lateral ring grooves with the aid of a compound three-layer model of the turbulent boundary layer
Portyankin A.A., Piskazhova T.V., Tinkova S.M.
Training-support software for studying heat exchange processes

Ecology of the Metallurgical Industry

Cherchintsev V.D., Nefedova Ye.V., Kozlov A.S.
Environmental aspects of implementation of resource-saving dolomite-free technologies of sodium monochromatee production at Novotroitsk Plant of Chromium Compounds

Economics, management, and market of products

Sabadash F.A., Tolmachev O.M., Zapuskalov N.
Modernization of machine-building enterprises on the basis of KANBAN and Just-in-Time logistics systems