ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


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NMSTU Anniversary

Gun G.S., Korchunov A.G., Kornilov G.P., Kornilov S.N., Polyakova M.A. Vestnik of Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University: key areas (scientific review) 5

Mineral Mining

Montyanova A.N., Trofimov A.V., Rumyantsev A.E., Vilchinskiy V.B., Nagovitsyn Yu.N. Experience and efficiency of application of plasticized backfilling concrete 18

Metal Casting

Vdovin K.N., Feoktistov N.A., Khabibullin Sh.M. Increasing the lifetime of cast high-manganese steel liners for the semi-autogenous grinding mill 26
Gimaletdinov R.Kh., Gulakov A.A., Tukhvatulin I.Kh. Effect of chemical composition on the performance of centrifugally cast indefinite chilled cast iron rolls 32
Kolokoltsev V.M., Savinov A.S., Andreev S.M., Angold K.V. Calculation of a thermal stress state, when heating a steel cylindrical object 37

Metal Forming

Gun E.I., Vakhitov A.R., Salnikov V.V., Gun I.G., Jon Ortueta, Agustin Anitua. Simulation of the axial oint pressing process 46

Materials Science and heat treatment of metals

Luca Pezzato, Alessandro Minotto, Katya Brunelli, Manuele Dabalà. Optimization of softening heat treatment for the Pt950Ru jewelry alloy 53
Ivanov Yu., Klopotov A., Teresov A., Petrikova E., Shugurov V., Song G., Tang G., Gromov V. Effect of the cooling rate on phase transformations in a surface-alloyed layer of steel 58
Raab G.I., Kodirov I.S., Aleshin G.N., Raab A.G., Tsenev N.K. Influence of special features of the gradient structure formation during severe plastic deformation of alloys with different types of a crystalline lattice 64
Baranov V.N., Sidelnikov S.B., Zenkin E.Yu., Konstantinov I.L., Lopatina E.S., Yakivyuk O.V., Voroshilov D.S., Belokonova I.N., Frolov V.A. Study on the influence of heat treatment modes on mechanical and corrosion properties of rolled sheet products from a new aluminum alloy, economically alloyed with scandium 76

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

Ashkeyev Zh.A., Andreyachshenko V.A., Abdiramanov S.T. Determination of the stress state and the specific force during severe plastic deformation in a closed die 82

Standardization, Certification and Quality Management

Snimshchikov S.V., Polyakova M.A., Limarev A.S., Kharitonov V.A. Development of a structure of norms for steel products based on a principle of advanced standardization 86

Power Engineering in Metallurgy, Energy Saving and Electrotechnical Systems

Bolshanin G.A., Skulina E.G. Relationship between the coefficients of a six-terminal network with two input and four output terminals 94