ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


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Velikanov V.S., Musonov O.S., Panfilova O.R., Ilina E.A., Dyorina N.V. Predictive Analytics Tools in Minimising Mining Equipment Failures 5
Bryakin I.V., Bochkarev I.V., Khramshin V.R. Multiplicated Method of Induction Sounding to Search for Underground Electrically Conductive Objects 16


Gutko Yu.I., Voytenko V.V. Monitoring of Sodium Silicate Core Sand Mixture Parameters During Production and Application 29
Erokhin Yu.V., Ponomarev V.S., Zakharov A.V., Leonova L.V. Material Composition of Slags Formed when Producing Ferromanganophosphorus at the Staroutkinsky Plant 36

Material Process Engineering

Gasanov B.G., Babets A.V., Baev S.S. Influence of a Chemical Composition on Heat Resistance and Impact Wear Resistance of Materials Based on Atomized Powders of High-Chromium Steel 45
Ershova O.V., Medyanik N.L., Mishurina O.A., Bessonova Yu.A., Bagreeva K.V. Comparative Analysis of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Biodegradable and Synthetic Polymers 56

Materials Science and Heat Treatment of Metals

Kabaldin Yu.G., Anosov M.S., Ryabov D.A., Kolchin P.V., Shatagin D.A., Kiselev A.V. Study on the Influence of 3D Printing Modes on the Structure and Cold Resistance of Steel Grade 08G2S 64

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

Shchegolkov A.V., Shchegolkov A.V., Komarov F.F., Parfimovich D.I. Composite Nanostructured MWCNT/Polyurethane Material for Protection Against Electromagnetic Radiation 71

Standardization, Certification and Quality Management

Soldatov V.G., Vavilin Ya.A., Mankevich I.G. Problems and Ways of Introducing Risk-Based Thinking 82
Narkevich M.Yu. Method of a Comprehensive Quantitative Assessment of the Quality of Hazardous Production Facilities Using S-Shaped Curves 91

New Technological Processes and Equipment

Akintseva A.V., Pereverzev P.P., Degtyareva-Kashutina A.S. Digital twin of a shaping process for a surface of a non-rigid shaft with an elliptical profile processed by plunge grinding 98
Deryabin I.P., Tokarev A.S. Reducing the Labor Intensity of Hole Machining by Increasing the Accuracy of Coun-tersinking Operations with Precast Tools 107