ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


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Cheban A.Yu. Increasing the Efficiency of Mining of Complex-Structured Bedded Deposits by Using Modernized Surface Miners
Cheskidov V.I., Gavrilov V.L., Reznik A.V., Nemova N.A. Conditions and Experience of Establishing Industrial Complexes at Coal Deposits in the Eastern Regions f Russia 13

Foundry engineering

Andreev S.M., Kolokoltsev M.V., Savinov D.A., Dubrovin V.K., Petrochenko E.V. The Usage of Artificial Neural Networks for Predicting Strength Properties of Sand-Clay Mixtures for Casting Molds

Material process engineering

Gruba O.N., Ardashev D.V., Degtyareva-Kashutina A.S. Physical and Chemical Properties of Electrolytes for Chromium Plating of Titanium Parts
Malkov O.V., Karelskiy A.S. Theoretical Calculation of the Components of Thread Milling Cutting Forces 44
Terentyev D.V., Baiguzin M.R., Platov S.I., Zvyagina E.Yu., Tyuteryakov N.Sh. Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Cutting Sheet Metal with Parallel Knives 56

Materials science and heat treatment of metals

Alekseev D.Yu., Emaleeva D.G., Kuznetsova A.S., Gulin A.E., Adishchev P.G., Tetyushin K.P. Selecting an Accelerated Cooling Schedule for Low-Alloy Steel Coils Based on Finite Element Modeling
Sychkov A.B., Nesterenko A.M., Zavalishchin A.N., Moller A.B., Kulakov B.A., Shubin I.G. Formation of a Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Dual- and Multi-Phase Reinforcing Steel in Coils

Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies

Shchegolkov A.V., Shchegolkov A.V., Zemtsova N.V., Komarov F.F., Parfimovich I.D. Influence of Microsized Metal Fillers on Thermal and Electrophysical Properties of Nanomodified Elastomers

Standardization, certification and quality management

Ryabchikov M.Yu., Ryabchikova E.S., Chuta A.S., Vasilyeva E.I., Emelyushin A.N. Influence of Steel Strip Speed and Tension on Product Defects on Continuous Hot-Dip Galvanizing Lines
Zaporozhtsev A.V., Khazova Ver.I., Khazova Vik.I. Key Aspects of Creating a Digital Twin of the Quality Management System Process 105
Izvekov Yu.A., Ramazanov K.N., Goncharova E.A., Karimova D.F., Shubin I.G., Smirnova L.V. Quality Management of Operation of Metallurgical Cranes Based on a Method of Pseudostates 117
Musabirova L.A., Galimov F.M. Evaluating the SERVQUAL Method in Assessing the Quality of Services in the Field of Ensuring Uniformity of Measurements 124

Modelling of metallurgical processes

Pivovarova K.G., Matveev S.V., Pesina S.A., Mogilnykh A.E., Pustovoitova O.V., Fedoseev S.A. Simulation of the Bending Process of a Steel-Aluminum Composite with a Wave-Shaped Interface
Fedulov A.A., Belyaev S.Yu., Bulganina M.Yu., Raskatov E.Yu. Simulation of a Burnishing Process for Defective Ends of Hot-Deformed Tubes, when Producing Them on Facilities with an Automatic Rolling Mill
Bodrov E.G., Serebriakov I.S., Latfulina Yu.S., Naprimerova E.D., Myasoedov V.A., Samodurova M.N. Mathematical Modeling of the Process of Cold Gas Dynamic Spraying of Powder Non-Ferrous Metals

New technological processes and equipments

Maslov D.A., Ovsyannikov V.E., Kulemina A.A., Kovensky I.M. Increased Efficiency of Manufacturing Monolithic Cutting Tools in Small Batches Based on Express Tests
Sergeev Yu.S., Platov S.I., Guzeev V.I., Sergeev S.V. Application of Vibration Drives with Modulating Properties in Crushers of Brittle Materials to Control the Fractional Composition of the Dispersed Phase

Economics, management and product market

Prytkova E.A., Davydov V.M. Features of Reengineering of Technological Processes at Industrial Enterprises