ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


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Mining and Mineral Processing

Khazin M.L. Robotic Equipment for Mining Operations 4
Cheban A.Yu., Sekisov A.G. Mining Excavator with the Capability to Separate Concentrated Ore Fines 16

Metal Forming

Al-Khuzai A.S.O., Vydrin A.V., Shirokov V.V. Studying Plastic Resistance of Steel Grade 32G2U in a Broad Range of Temperature Change 23

Material Process Engineering

Trotsenko I.G., Gerasimenko T.E., Alkatsev V.M., Evdokimov S.I. Optimised Waste Carbide Recycling Technology. Part 2. Finding Optimum Implementation Conditions 31

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

Shchegolkov A.V., Yagubov V.S. Heat Generated by a Nanomodified Composite Made with Silicone and a CNT/Graphite Filler 40

Standardization, Certification and Quality Management

Poletskov P.P., Alekseev D.Yu., Kuznetsova A.S., Nikitenko O.A. Analysis of Technical Requirements for Semi-Finished Rolled Products for Coiled Tubing 49
Antipova T.N., Oleshko A.Y. Basic Procedures of Product Quality Control for Fiber Metal Composites 55
Cherkasov D.A. Development of an Assessment Methodology for the Quality Management System of an Organization Using Qualimetry Methods 63

Metallurgical Power Engineering, Energy Saving and Electrical Systems

Kornilov G.P., Filatova O.A., Filatov A.M., Khramshin T.R., Khramshin R.R. Studying Drives of the Tension Leveller on the Continuous Pickling Line of the Cold Rolling Mill 71
Pyrko S.А., Mitioglo A.M., Ishmetyev E.N. Autonomous Measuring Modules for Electric Motor Diagnostic Systems 80