ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


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Mineral Mining

Chizhevsky V.B., Fadeeva N.V., Gmyzina N.V. Floatability of graphite with hydrocarbons and oxygen containing compounds 5
Kozhonov A.K., Molmakova M.S., Duyshonbaev N.P. Identifying possible causes of problems in the dewatering of flotation products 17
Zamotin P.A., Lobanov V.G. Intensification of gold ore grinding process with the help of surfactants and additional ultrasonic 22
Pankratiev P.V., Kolomoets A.V., Panteleev V.S. Development of the remaining reserves of the Kumak gold deposit (Orenburg region) 33
Cheban A.Yu., Khrunina N.P., Yakimenko D.V. Enhanced mining and hauling equipment complex to be used together with surface miners 40

Metallurgy of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals

Kharchenko A.S. Size related charging patterns dictated by charging conditions when components are fed from the BLT charging hopper to the furnace top 46

Metal Casting

Dolgushin D.M., Dubsky G.A., Nefedev A.A., Rive V.V., Dolgushina O.V., Kayper A. Effect of pulsed magnetic field on paramagnetic melt during crystallization 57

Metal Forming

Poletskov P.P., Gushchina M.S., Alekseev D.Yu., Emaleeva D.G., Kuznetsova A.S., Nikitenko O.A. Understanding the effect of controlled rolling regimes for pipe steel on the structural condition of hot-deformed austenite 67
Slavin V.S., Norets A.I., Zhirkin Yu.V. Method for defining drawing force parameters when drawing MF type sections in double gauge rollers in one 78
Bobylev A.V., Kozlov A.V., Maksimov S.P., Khaliulin E.V. Understanding the thermal phenomena occuring during pipe bending and rolling 87
Konev S.V., Mikhaylets V.F., Teftelev I.E., Fainshtein A.S. Analysis of the characteristic stress state of the coil flange as a circular plate 98
Kolmogorov G.L., E.V. Kuznetsova E.V., Khabarova D. Relaxation of residual stresses and precision of steel pipes 103

Materials Science and Heat Treatment of Metals

Yakubov U.Sh., Ganiev I.N., Sangov M.M., Ganieva N.I. On the corrosion potential of AlFe5S10 alloy inoculated with alkaline-earth metals in the NaCl medium 109

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

Egorova L.Yu., Khlebnikova Yu.V., Patselov A.M.,Pilyugin V.P. Structural phase transformations in zirconium pseudo-single crystals subjected to thermal deformation in the bridgeman chamber 120

New Processes and Equipment

Zaydes S.A. New surface plastic deformation techniques in the manufacture of machine parts 129
Popov I.P., Kubareva S.Yu. Autobalanced vibration 140

Power Engineering in Metallurgy, Energy Saving and Electrotechnical Systems

Mugalimov R.G., Zakirova R.A., Mugalimova A.R., Odintsov K.E. Enhanced energy efficiency and resource saving in the overhauling, retrofitting and disposal of industion motors 145