ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


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Sekisov A.G., Cheban A.Yu. Crystal-Saving Technology of Open Mining of Complex Structure Kimberlite Deposits 4
Khrunina N.P. Improving the Complex of Means for the Processing of High-Clay Gold-Bearing Sands of Placers 14

Material Process Engineering

Gun I.G., Vakhitov A.R., Stolyarov F.A., Smirnov A.V., Mikhailovskiy I.A. Calculation of Starting Force of Plastic Deformation, When Bending an Outer Tie Rod Ball Stud, by the Simulation of Static Tests 23


Ganeev A.A., Ramazanov A.K. Optimization of a Chemical Composition of Corrosion-Resistant Steel 12KH18N9TL for Pipeline Valve Castings 32

Material Process Engineering

Latfulina Yu.S., Doubenskaia M., Samodurova M.N., Trofimov E.A., Barkov L.A. Implementation of a Copper- Tungsten Coating by Cold Gas-Dynamic Spraying 40

Materials Science and Heat Treatment of Metals

Khlybov A.A., Maltsev I.M., Belyaev E.S., Getmanovsky Yu.A., Belyaeva S.S. Research on the Dependence of Heat Resistance on the Concentration of a Glass Filler in Metal-Glass Composites Based on Nickel 50

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

Shchegolkov A.V. Multistage Mechanical Activation of MWCNTS to Improve Percolation Transitions in the Elastomer / MWCNTS System: Approaches to the Implementation and Practice of Modifying Elastomers 58
Poleshchenko K.N.,Korotaev D.N.,Eremin E.N.,Nesov S.N.,Tarasov E.E.,Teploukhov A.A.,Semenyuk N.A.,Ivanova E.V.,Lasitsa A.M.,Ivanov A.L. Formation of Nanostructured Topocomposites with Cluster-Gradient Architecture by Combined Ion-Vacuum Processing 68

New Technological Processes and Equipment

Gasanov B.G., Babets A.V., Baev S.S. Producing Bimetallic Rings for Valve Seats of Internal Combustion Engines from Activated Powders of High-Speed Steel 79

Reliability and Durability of Metallurgical Equipment

Nekrasov I.I., Fedulov A.A., Parshin V.S. Choosing the Components of the Rolling Mill Main Line for the Ribbed Tube Production 90

Standardization, Certification and Quality Management

Izvekov Yu.A. Scientific and Methodological Base for Assessing the Quality of Technical Systems of a Metallurgical Enterprise 98
Narkevich M.Yu., Kornienko V.D., Logunova O.S., Polyakova M.A., Izvekov Yu.A. Analysis of Efficiency of the Existing Quality Assessment System for Materials, Products, and Structures at Hazardous Production Facilities 103

Metallurgical Power Engineering, Energy Saving and Electrical Systems

Nikolaev A.A., Tulupov P.G., Ivekeev V.S. Design of Universal Algorithms for Processing of Multi-Source Current Signals for an Improved Control System of an Electric Arc Furnace 112