ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003




The paper analyzes the characteristics of cross-cutting technology of the making high carbon steel, its secondary metallurgy, continuous casting, rolling coils and heat treatment it on line two-stage cooling of the mill 170. Found that the design flaws cause a number of problems on virtually all stages. A number of technological methods to improve the quality of steel continuously cast billets, rolled products, namely the exclusion of aluminum as a deoxidizer and its replacement by calcium containing material feed-my, mostly in the form of a powder wire in stages disabili-ties portions , resulting in increase in the purity of the steel from non-deformable inclusions (HB) oxides of aluminum, which greatly increased silo-technological processing of the rental at drawing, some increase of manganese content in steel and reduced silicon. With two-stage cooling the steel laid out on the turns, it is proposed to increase the speed of the protractor-tion coils of wire rod, thus providing with intense fan-cooled high uniformity of the structure and properties of the metal along the turn and coil. To get by extremely uniform structure and mechanical properties of steel Buntova for processing into wire, stabilized reinforcing wire for concrete sleepers new-generation for high-speed railways and stabilized reinforcing ropes high strength with low stress relaxation in exploitation, proposed the concept of reconstruction of the line to ensure the regime Stelmor isothermal processes patenting and recrystallization annealing.


Technology, quality, structure, properties, uniformity of the qualitative parameters, Stelmor line, reconstruction, patenting, stream recrystallization annealing, the isotherm.

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