ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


D.Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), Head of the Sciences Department named after Professor Finkel at Siberian State Industrial University. Distinguished Academic of the Russian Federation, winner of the Government’s Prize in Science and Engineering, winner of the Bardin Award of the RAS, Honoured Steel Maker of the Russian Federation, member of the Intergovernmental Council for Physics of Strength and Plasticity, member of the RAS’s Academic Board for Condensed-Matter Physics.

Gromov’s research efforts resulted in more than 3,400 publications, which include 25 inventions and patents registered in the Russian Federation, 82 monographs and 45 publications in international physics journals (from England, USA, Czech Republic, China and Germany), which have high impact factors and are included in the first quartile of scientific titles.

Three of his monographs were translated into English and published in the UK by Cambridge Publishing House Ltd. Scientific standing: Hirsch index in the Russian Science Citation Index– 26, Scopus – 9, Web of Science – 8. As part of Gromov’s scientific school initiative, extensive efforts are given to training researchers. 38 graduates of the school were awarded with PhD degrees and 9 – with doctorate degrees.

Gromov co-authored three discoveries, which include “The Phenomenon of Increased Fatigue Life of Stainless Steels as a Result of Electron Beam Processing”, “The Phenomenon of Accelerated Surface Synthesis in Metals and Alloys in Electro-Explosion Alloying”, “How the Structure and the Phase State Change in Metals under External Energy Deposition Conditions”. The above inventions are registered by the International Academy of Authors of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions, as well as by the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

Research areas: Materials engineering, physics of metals, metallurgy.

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