ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003

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Mining and Mineral Processing

Arefiev S.A. 
Experimental evaluation of dependence of pavement characteristics in quarries on compaction of roads with open pit dump trucks

Transport and Transport Systems

Rakhmangulov A.N., Mirsagdiev O.A. 
A simulation model of quality assessment of voice transmission in operational and technological networks in railway transport

Metallurgy of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Rare Metals

Druzhkov V.G., Shirshov M.Yu., Prokhorov I.E. 
Techniques for measurement of a hot blast volume per tuyere in a blast furnace hearth

Metal Forming

Tulupov O.N., Moller A.B., Levandovskiy S.A., Kinzin D.I., Olina Anna, Novitskiy R.V., Dzyuba A.Yu., Shurygin V.I., Serpkov E.S. 
Experience in the production of round long products of steel grade 60S2KHA with higher requirements to a decarburized layer depth
Lekhov O.S., Tuev M.Yu. 
Study of stresses in deformation areas and evaluation of wear of rolls of universal stands, when rolling wide-flange beams
Mironov K.A., Kozlov A.V., Sherkunov V.G., Suvorov A.L. 
The study of power characteristics during pipe bending with burnishing, using an automated module and a PC
Trofimov V.N., Karmanov V.V., Panin Yu.V., Korionov M.A. 
Determination of residual stresses in uniaxial plastic deformation of a cylindrical rod

Materials Processing Technology

Baranov V.N., Dovzhenko N.N., Gilmanshina T.R., Lytkina S.I. Khudonogov S.A. 
Research on the dependence of the quality of natural cryptocrystalline graphite on its modes of preparation
Zagirov N.N., Kovaleva A.A., Olkhovik A.Ya., Koval O.E. 
A technological assessment of the possibility of producing a highly porous material from AD31 aluminum alloy chip wastes

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology

Kolyada L.G., Medyanik N.L., Efimova Yu.Yu., Kremneva A.V. 
Synthesis and research on silver nanoparticles and their possible application in food packaging

Standardization, Certifiation and Quality Management

Tulupovа N.A., Guerra José Alonso, Levandovskiy S.A., Kinzin D.I., Sarancha S.Yu. 
Experience of research of the billets and long products quality in the quality management system at the José Martí metallurgical plant (Cuba)
Danilova Yu.V., Polyakova M.A., Rubin G.Sh. 
Reaching a consensus between consumers and manufacturers is an important stage when developing regulatory documents

New processes and equipment

Neusypin K.A., Proletarsky A.V., Kuznetsov I.A.
Research on an identifiability degree of dynamic system parameters

Power Engineering in Metallurgy, Energy Saving and Electrical Complexes

Nikolaev A.A., Kornilov G.P., Povelitsa E.V., Tulupov P.G. 
Study of different methods to design automated electrode position control systems for electric arc furances and ladle furnaces

Construction Materials and Construction Technologies

Miryuk O.A. 
Porous cement-free compositions