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The paper presents the study on mechanical and corrosion properties of rolled sheet products from a new alloy of the Al-Mg-Sc system in a deformed and heat treated state. Its use and development of technologies for the production of relevant parts for automobile and shipbuilding industries are important today due to the tasks of downstream aluminum processing, which are solved by RUSAL, and confirmed by the state support of a comprehensive project aimed at creating a high-technology production division, being currently carried out by the Bratsk Aluminium Smelter and Siberian Federal University. To determine mechanical and corrosion properties, the authors used sheets and coils rolled on industrial reversing hot rolling mill Quarto 2800. The tensile test was used to study deformed samples after rolling and samples produced in five heat treatment modes with varying heating temperatures of 300, 350 and 380°C and a soaking time of 1 and 3 hours. The studies on samples of rolled products with various thicknesses showed that as compared to the initial state, steel strength properties after heat treatment decrease by 12–20% on average, and ductility properties (δ) increase by 50–65%. In this case, heat treatment modes 1–3 give a fairly good ratio of strength and ductility properties. The level of these properties is comparable to the properties of alloy 01570. It is noted that a trend in a decrease in strength properties and a growth of ductile properties with increasing heat treatment temperature is also observed for samples of rolled products produced by various methods of cold rolling (cut-to-length sheets and in coils). If sheet thickness is similar, strength properties are higher, when sheets are cut-to-length rather than in coils. The corrosion tests of sheets with different thicknesses showed that the heat treatment modes under study do not have a significant influence on alloy resistance to intergranular corrosion.


Aluminum alloys, magnalium, scandium, hot rolling, heat treatment, mechanical properties.

Baranov V.N., Sidelnikov S.B., Konstantinov I.L., Lopatina E.S., Yakivyuk O.V., Voroshilov D.S., Belokonova I.N., Frolov V.A. Siberian Federal University (SibFU), Krasnoyarsk, Russia

Zenkin E.Yu. PJSC RUSAL Bratsk, Bratsk, Russia

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