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Oleg N. Tulupov

Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Professor, DSc (Eng.)

Professor Tulupov is a well-known specialist in the fields of shape rolling, calibration of rolls, and quality management in metallurgy. At Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University he guides a successful growth of studies on simulation and development of shape rolling processes. Their fundamental point is to use structural and matrix mathematical models to study and improve shape and wire rod rolling process flows.

Since the early 1990s till now, he arranges and directs a set of major research, R&D, engineering and consulting projects in the field of metallurgy in general, rolling mills and quality management, required by Russian and foreign companies.

He initiates and organizes projects of international collaboration in the area of new technologies and education with world leading machinery manufacturing and metallurgical companies, including Danieli (Italy), SMS Siemag, KOCKS (Germany), MMK, UMMC-Steel, Severstal, VNIIMETMASH (Russia), Antillana de Acero (Cuba) and others.

He has over 200 scientific publications, including 7 patents and author’s certificates, and 5 monographs.

Over 10 PhD theses under his scientific supervision and with his participation were successfully defended.

He is a member of Thesis Committees D 212.111.05 and D 212.111.03 awarding the degrees of doctor of sciences and candidate of sciences at NMSTU.

He is a co-organizer of over 10 and a participant of over 30 international conferences and forums in Russia and abroad (Great Britain, Japan, Italy).

From 2005 till 2013, he was a Head of the International Union of Metallurgical Equipment Producers METALLURGMASH, and since 2014 he is its Vice President. NMSTU is a member of the stated association.

Winner of the award by the Government of the Russian Federation in the area of science and engineering

Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Professional Education

Vice President of the International Union of Rolling Mill Engineers

Member of the Presidium of the International Center of Engineering and Innovation, expert of the Engineering Section of Business Russia All-Russian Public Organization

Tel.: +7 (3519) 29 84 09, (3519) 29 84 04, (3519) 23 57 65 (fax)

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