ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


nayzabekov Abdrakhman B. Naizabekov (Republic of Kazakhstan)

Professor, D. Sc. (Eng.), Rector of Rudny Industrial Institute, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Abdrakhman Naizabekov is a Kazakh researcher in metallurgy with the main focus on metal forming processes.

He has authored 420 academic papers, including 2 monographs, over 25 learner guides and 30 certificates of authorship and patents.

Professor Naizabekov supervised six students studying for a PhD degree. Presently, he is in charge of five research projects included in the grant programme funded by the Kazakh Ministry of Education and Science. He is also advising for doctoral students.

Professor Naizabekov is a correspondent member of the International Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; academician at the National Academy of Sciences; and Academician of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For his achievements in teaching, research and management, Abdrakhman Naizabekov has been awarded 5 medals by the Republic of Kazakhstan. He has twice received the Kazakh national research grant awarded for distinguished service in science and engineering. He holds the title of Honorary Education Worker.

Research areas: Metallurgy, metal forming.

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