ISSN (print) 1995-2732
ISSN (online) 2412-9003


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Recycling of Man-Made Mineral Formations and Waste

Karyaev V.I., Komkov A.A., Kuznetsov A.V., Plotnikov I.P. Recovery of Copper and Zinc from Copper Smelting Slags During Reducing-Sulfidizing Treatment 4

Metallurgy of Ferrous, Non-ferrous and Rare Metals

Erokhin Yu.V., Zakharov A.V., Leonova L.V. Material Composition of Vanadium Slags at the Alapayevsk Metal-lurgical Plant 13

Foundry Engineering

Ramazanov A.K., Ganeev A.A. Features of Casting Pipeline Valve Body Parts Made of Corrosion-Resistant Steel 12KH18N9TL 22

Material Process Engineering

Shirvan S.E. TheoreticaL Studies of the Dynamic Characteristics of the Internal Lapping Process 30

Materials Science and Heat Treatment of Metals

Kartashev M.F., Yurchenko A.N., Grebenkin R.D., Mindibaev M.R. Permyakov G.L., Trushnikov D.N. Studying the Heat Treatment Effect on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Magnesium-Containing Alloy 1580 Samples Produced by a Multil 38

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies

Evdokimov S.I., Gerasimenko T.E. Theory and Practice of Preparing and Applying Ferrofluid 47

New Technological Processes and Equipment

Lekhov O.S., Mikhalev A.V., Bilalov D.Kh. Studies on a Combined Process of Producing Billets on a Continuous Casting and Deformation Plant 56

Construction Materials and Construction Engineering in Metallurgy

Shabaev S.N. Influence of the Size of Uniformly Graded Bulk Media Particles on Strength Characteristics 62